After the US JOINT COMMITTEE ON TAXATION released their report on DJT & Co. Taxes on Dec 15, 2022, we got over tax 350 amounts with little supporting data to verify these amounts covering

several years and multiple companies.   But surprise!  There is a legally accepted mathematical procedure to analyse the numbers as a whole and find anomalies in them. It's called BENFORDS LAW (BL) due to the GE Physicist that discovered this law and is now used even by the IRS to flag tax returns. We converted the PDF Tax data into a usable Excel file with 40 tabs, extracting then the tax data.

These digits should follow the BL distribution - and the main result is that the DJT combined Tax data does follow the BL1D law within 1% for most digits - except for all numbers that start with digits 4 and 5 in the tax returns - and we have 65 tax amounts that show serious anomalies of 350.

Furthermore, these anomalies appear in about 6-7 clusters which means they are in the same commission tax reports (same tax forms) - in the US Tax Commission report.

Since for tax amounts that start with digits: 1,2,3,6,7,8 and 9 the BL-1D is an EXCELLENT FIT since they are all are within 1% of the BL distribution - this shows the BL is valid in this case.

We have 65 Tax amounts with serious discrepancies from the expected distribution -18% of the total, and they show a VERY SIGNIFICANT discrepancy with BL for 1-Digit.

For the 1st Two digits analysis we flag extremes cases of over 200% and below 50% from BL 2-Digit distribution, and this results in anomalies for tax amounts that start with: the following digits:    23,34,44,52,53,54,57,69,75,86,97 or 99.

The result is that these tax forms are full of suspect numbers that indicate a strong possibility of manipulation.

The procedure then is to find all the numbers in the tax return that start with those flagged digits and investigate them further.

Thus, we have found the needle in the haystack - the next step is to proceed in a forensic accounting fashion.