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Video - FTC - On What to Know About Romance Scams

Real-Life Romance Scam Description - from the BBB fraud database:

I was the victim of a romance scam that lasted almost 6 months. From June 28th until December 2nd, 2022. I met the guy on eharmony and we quickly hit it off. Over the course of the relationship, I made several transactions through the Bitstop ATM near my home sending him approximately $12,300 and placing a tremendous financial burden on me. I was manipulated into "helping" this person that had captured my heart. He told me that he needed to pay to come to the States from Afghanistan.

My feelings were so strong for him that I wanted to do anything to help him get out of a dangerous situation. I did question things but the responses I was given always seemed reasonable. I took a loan from my 403b at work that I am stuck paying out of every paycheck until July. I took out a title loan on the car I owned free and clear and lost my car when I couldn't make the payments. I got a payday loan that I have now defaulted on. I took a loan from my grandparents that I am still trying to pay back. I went 2 months without a car before I finally gave in to get a new one (used) that has an enormous payment I can't afford and am defaulting on that as well if I can't get some help soon anyway.

My rent is behind and I'm facing eviction. And my heart is crushed. I am trying to get local law enforcement to write the report correctly as a fraud because they wrote it for intimidation which doesn't help me trying to recoup funds with my identity theft protection, etc. I'm embarrassed on top of all of it.

I also believe that this has led to multiple hacks to several of my online accounts. Including but not limited to: Facebook, Venmo, Grubhub, Best Buy, Google, Instacart, Netflix, and Zelle. I have done everything I can to change passwords and remove any cards on my online accounts. It seemed for a while it was something new everyday.

Dollars Lost


About Fraud Detection Algorithms

FDA was created by Raul Garcia who has a Master in Mathematics from the University of California San Diego (UCSD), and is a professional software developer.

Most fraud software is only for the big guys online ordering systems, no one cares about the smaller Romance Scams victims - possibly you!.

But there are hundreds of thousands of victims WoldWide and their losses are from $100 to $200,000 by using sophisticated protocols to scam any type of victim. It is a criminal enterprise.

Crypto payments or offers (get rich), direct bank payments (both not recoverable) and gift cards are common devices to separate you from YOUR Money permanently.

Many do not report the loss or talk about it due to shame, but this is trick they use to hide this...

We developed an excel program that has 15 YES/NO QUESTIONS and scores them using a weighted scale algorithm. The final score indicates the danger of a romance scam.

It also has TABs with information and links to the BBB and FTC and more for YOUR education, such as Free videos on amazon of some UK scams.

On the BBB site below you can read from thousands on stories by REAL VICTIMS and learn from them the many ways anyone can be scammed.

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Do You know the most common way that corporate FRAUD is detected?

It is NOT by auditing etc. - it is from Whistleblowers! This is untenable - FDA uses sophisticated algorithms like the powerful legally accepted Benfords Law.

We can do the Benfords analysis law within a week in Excel format for ease of use. BL points right to the suspect amounts you NEED to check to protect your money and firm.


Soon FDA will release a set of Excel workbooks that can do the Benford's Law analysis for 1,2 or 3 1st digits for a VERY PRECISE flagging of anomalies and possible fraud.

1-2 digits is ideal for small/medium size companies, 3 digits for large companies with 10's of thousands of transactions.

These tools are IDEAL for Payables data - where it is so easy to hide fraud due to a very large number of transactions.