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Lessons From Daily Examples of SUSPICIOUS Notifications

Lessons From Daily Examples of SUSPICIOUS Notifications

Learn From Them


Source: LinkedIn

Image: Pretty young lady/girl, red dress - no match in goog reverse image search, the image may be leading to a romance scam for the young pretty image...

  •  sent the following messages at 5:27 AM

    Hello thank you for accepting my invitation, I hope everything's fine Raul <-- my name for attention

    Actually I'm impressed to your profile and i want to invite you into our online trading business opportunity, <<-- key sentence - want your $ and flattering - good trick!

    It can be a part time and a home based opportunity. <-- make it easy

    May I know your contact number <<-- my phone so I can note it here on my table <<-- poor English

    and reach you in your free time, can you hear the details tomorrow at least 5 minutes of your time don`t worry the call will takes a few minutes of your time to discuss this to be more professional <<---- keyword 'professional' ,

    Btw, it's not a job offer Regards

    --- end ---

    Note: 100% out of context - this is the 'Forensic Investigations and Compliance ...'  and the last paragraph was messy


Note: I have no way of identifying this is as an actual beginning of a scam - but i just declined the offer immediately



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