A few of Thousands of Romance Scams Reported to the BBB - USA

Romance - Romance Scam

$1400.00 to date, with demands for more. Attempts to cultivate romantic relationship. Ultimately targeting federal disability benefits. Scammer intends to isolate victim from family members, thus gaining false trust, with marriage as the objective. Other claims by the scammer include monetary needs to avoid starvation, eviction, physical abuse, and other fictitious financial hardships requiring immediate assistance. I am seeking out these parties for prosecution, exposure, and to stop this fraudulent activity.

Dollars Lost: $1400

Unknown Location


Romance - Jason Momoa / imposter

It started on tik tok and than we communicated on Skype and I have all he messages on my phone. We talked about his movies and than we set some dates that we can meet in person. I had to sent 1500 for management to sent a meet form . Had to sent more money accommodation, flight , lawyer, health insurance and if you fail not to meet. I got scam with a total of $16,850.00 dollars and now he's telling me he try to sent me a package and it's stuck in custom so I have to $25000.00 to get it out. I also have names, acct#, routing# bank & person addresses to to different people i sent money to by wired and Zelle. Not sure where this person is. It could be CA,

Dollars Lost: $16850

East Missoula, MT- 59801

Date Reported: October 31, 2023


Romance - Crypto Investment

I was on bumble and met a girl who called herself Rose. We hit it off for awhile sje told me that she was into crypto currency and she could help me earn some money if i would like. So i decided to do it. She helped me buy and send $1,500.00 to the website This was all done via cash app where i purchased the bitcoin. Moved it to the site listed above and went through a lengthy process to verify my identity and move the funds to a USDT wallet account on the same site. We made several short-term trades and i watched as i gained money and got it up to about $2017.00. When i told her i needed to withdrawal the money she began telling me that i didnt have the required amount of transactions yet to withdrawal my money.


I contacted the sites coustomer service and they told me that i needed to reach %80 of the principal i invested. I when back to her (her user name on whatsapp was Zhaoshasha). I wanted her to help me to reach the required %80 level to withdraw my money and she never responded. It has been over a week now 10/29/2023. I contacted the customer service department of the above mentioned website told them what was going on and that i wanyed access to my money and if they didnt fullfill my request i would contact a lawyer and the better business bureau. Next thing i know my account on their site has been frozen when i try to log on and it says to contact an administrator but it gives me no way to contact them.

Dollars Lost: $1500


Date Reported: October 30, 2023


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